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Call for Papers


Topics - Call for Papers

The scope of the conference is quite wide and the paper submitted may be on one of the following themes or related topics:
  • Laws of Islamic financial theory and practice
  • Regulatory structures
  • Shariah-compliant investment
  • Islamic social thought and corporate governance
  • Structuring Islamic securitization
  • Socially-responsible investment strategy
  • Takaful and Shariah-compliant insurance
  • Islamic project financing
  • Islamic wealth management
  • Sukkuk, Zakat and financial planning
  • Shariah-compliant risk management
  • Housing finance and Shariah-compliant mortgage products
  • Market penetration in non-Islamic contexts
  • Zakah, poverty alleviation and Islamic banks
  • Corporate social responsibility of Islamic financial institutions
  • Management, leadership and governance of Islamic financial services providers
  • Principles of Islamic jurisprudence and legal maxims
  • Comparative analysis of Islamic and conventional banks
  • Impact of global financial crisis on Islamic banks
  • Business cycles, financial instability and crisis
  • Islamic economics
  • Risk management in Islamic finance
  • Islamic microfinance

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