About GFIF

Global Forum on Islamic Finance (GFIF) has been established at the platform of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Lahore, Pakistan. This initiative is an annual event that gathers experts on Islamic Finance from all around the world. The motive to launch this event is to deliberate the spectacular political and socio-economic developments, and their likely impacts on the performance and future position of Islamic financial institutions, the regulatory set-ups, and popularity of Islamic financial products being offered to the public and private sector.

GFIF 2017: Islamic Finance: The Present and Future

The Center of Islamic Finance, established by COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Lahore is organizing the 5th Global Forum on Islamic Finance (GFIF) on March 21 & 21, 2017 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore, Pakistan. GFIF has been an effective platform for scholars, practitioners and Shariah experts from all over the world for sharing their ideas, research contributions and knowledge on Islamic finance. The theme of GFIF 2017 is:

Islamic Finance: The Present and Future

Aims, Scope & Format:

GFIF aims knowledge generation, optimization and sharing by and among all the national and international stakeholders of Islamic Finance. It targets providing an opportunity for researchers, scholars and practitioners to share knowledge solutions on the dynamics, challenges, issues and necessary developments in the field of Islamic finance.

All relevant topics that contribute towards the aims and theme of GFIF will be entertained on merit. Its’ scope encompasses their potential impact, theoretical and practical implications, and effects on the economies of the world at present and future.

GFIF comprises of conference sessions, panel discussions, round table meetings and exhibition. It welcomes diversified participants from academia, financial institutions, corporate sector, industries that are potential clients and government to share their experiences, learning and research in Islamic Finance. The forum comprises of various sessions to make it exciting and a comprehensive experience for attendees. During GFIF the audience may benefit from any of the following:

  • Research Papers
  • Round Table Meeting/Panel Discussions
  • Talks by financial experts and Shariah scholars

GFIF 2016: Value Creation and Impact

Center of Islamic Finance, CIIT Lahore organized the 4th GFIF on March 08–09, 2016 at the Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore under the theme of "Value Creation and Impact". It was a bigger event in number of sessions and speakers. It benefited the audience through 15 parallel sessions in which around 40 notable national and international speakers contributed their work on the latest advancesin the field of Islamic finance. Certain issues pertaining to adoption of Islamic finance andtheir solutions were also highlighted during the two days of GFIF. Honorable Governor of Punjab Mr.Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana graced the inaugural ceremony of GFIF 2016.

GFIF 2015: Islamic Finance: A Viabale Financial Alternative

The third GFIF 2015 was organized by Center of Islamic Finance at Pearl Continental Lahore under the theme of “Islamic Finance: A Viabale Financial Alternative” which provided opportunities for the participants to share their knowledge in the sphere of Islamic finance in local and global context. Renowned scholars across the globe the participated. The unique feature of GFIF 2015 was Policy Round Table discussion in which leading stakeholders from the world participated and offered their insights to make Islamic Financial sector work. The forum provided a unique opportunity for the budding and potential researchers and practitioners to augment their skills through intensive sessions by highly professional local and foreign speakers. Moreover, panel discussions also ignited dialogue on contemporary issues to add value towards the learning of the participants

GFIF 2014: Developments and the Way Forward

The GFIF 2014 hosted by COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Lahore, Pakistan was aimed at providing an opportunity to scholars from around the globe to share the latest developments in the field of Islamic finance. The theme of this Conference was “Developments and the Way Forward”. This forum provided a platform to leading industry players, academics and researchers to address key factors around achieving scale through novelty to strengthen Islamic financial institutions and ensure long-term stability of industry. The GFIF 2014 proved to be a key platform that assisted academicians, researchers, industry players and policy makers to analyse issues as well as recent developments of Islamic finance, hence providing innovative solutions to meet the increasingly complex needs of corporate borrowers, consumers, issuers and investors; and created the conditions that enabled a more globally harmonized footprint for Islamic financial institutions and, if achieved, will drive the Islamic finance industry to the next level of success.

GFIF 2013: Islamic Finance: New Realities New Challenges

The year 2013 marked first successful launch of this program under the theme “Islamic Finance: New Realities New Challenges”. The event gathered eclectic participants on Islamic Finance from several countries around the globe including USA, UK, Turkey, Malaysia, Australia, Oman, Lebanon, Brunei Darussalam and UAE. The hallmark of this event was panel discussion where adept practitioners and scholars highlighted critical issues in Islamic Finance. Experts in the panel discussion emphasized on the need to establish Islamic Finance Research Centre for proper understanding and growth of Islamic Finance.